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Insights about Microgaming casino bonuses


Online casinos are constantly increasing the number of customers. For the purposes of providing outstanding services, they choose world’s leading software suppliers, like Microgaming. This developers’ firm makes top-notch entertainments with a variety of bonus types. Therefore, a closer look would help to understand which opportunities a customer has by playing via those platforms and answer some questions about Microgaming.

Bonus types

Microgaming casinos, as many famous platforms of other software providers, offer both kinds of online promotions, namely no deposit and deposit categories. The main distinction is the necessity to send money into a casino balance account. They all have benefits and disadvantages. Those which require investments are more popular. However, there are many millionaires who won even without any spending.


Primarily, professionals and well-experienced players prefer this category of gifts as it has attractive offers. The biggest disadvantage of deposit bonuses is the necessity to spend personal assets. Nevertheless, such downside does not overcome various advantages, like smaller limitations and larger amounts of benefits. Therefore, read carefully online sites to know which bonuses are given at Microgaming casino or contact a customer support office.

No deposit

new casino

The second type functions contrary to the first. It is very popular among newcomers who just joined a new online casino or who starts gambling in general as no deposit bonuses do not require investments into a platform. They are given after reaching other conditions, which do not demand revealing banking details. Thus, it could be registering on external websites, playing through certain gaming modes, exploring particular games, referring-a-friend and others. A customer can expect free spins, free cash, cash-back, etc. Generally, such Microgaming bonus can come along with deposit types or separately and they, normally, have higher limitations which are mentioned below.

Welcome package

Interestingly, whenever there is an advertisement on internet regarding a casino, one can see this type of promotions, so-called “welcome bonus”. The title comes from the timeline when it is awarded as such bonuses are available only to newly registered players. An individual can claim those only after finalizing sign up procedure. Usually, the package forms few reload gifts with a huge percentage of advantages. It may grant even £2,000-5,000 for depositing £200-500.

Special bonus categories

Every client can experience further Microgaming benefits to improve his/her financial situation and get a bigger motivation to continue gambling, earning money and withdrawing it. Among them, High Rollers treatment and a loyalty scheme are very crucial for casinos. These promotions differ for each platform and it determines how a website deals with extraordinary users who require additional attention.

High Rollers

Each Microgaming casino always attracts various types of gamblers, starting from beginners, who just discover online entertainments, to professionals and players with an extremely large budget. The last group is High Rollers who can invest thousands of GBP. Obviously, “whales” are very important customers as they may make a huge profit to an online site. Therefore, these users get special treatment, including a personal assistance 24/7, an invitation to restricted tournaments and private events, minimum limitations and higher amounts of bonuses.

Loyalty scheme

Another distinctive category of promotions which is well developed by Microgaming is a loyalty scheme. That is a special rewards group having specifications in each casino. Basically, a platform grades all users into 4-5 categories (like bronze, silver, gold and platinum) and a higher position gives extra advantages, such as more bonuses, lower limitations for depositing/withdrawals, extra promotions, individual presents, etc. Generally, a person becomes a part of the grading automatically after signing up and increases status by investing more cash into casinos, making larger bets or meeting other conditions.


Crucially, all these promotions look like powerful tools for earning huge sums with low risks. Nevertheless, even with a new bonus approach, casinos try to protect themselves and ensure that they get profit. Thus, additionally to a restraint mentioned below, each player is frequently required to use such gifts only on particular amusements, withdraw smaller sums and comply with pre-determined days when gifts can be triggered.

Wagering requirements

The most important limitation which scares gamblers to start gambling and earning assets is wagering requirements (WR). It represents one figure, which varies depending on the casino, normally, from x10 to x70. In average, it is x30. Its main role is the prevention of direct withdrawals of all gained bonuses. Thus, if, for instance, an individual gained £100 at a UK casino with x25 WR, then such person must play-through £2,500 before being allowed to get cash out of the platform. Such a huge sum can easily be acquired as even initial £100 will likely to bring more assets to gamble.