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As the importance of eco-friendly mode of travel becomes highly paramount, there are certain companies coming up with fabulous inventions. ET Scooter is one of the coolest electric scooters to have been introduced in the market ever! The dream creation comes from the house of an emerging fashion firm specializing in designing and manufacturing quality products. Located in Shenzhen, China the fabulously designer product took over 4 years to develop. In fact, there’s nothing comparable to the ET Scooter in the market.

This amazingly practical mode of transportation provides users the best of travel experience without causing harm to the environment. Started in 2012, ET Scooter has been accredited with ROHS, FCC, and CE certificate for the scooter. Currently, the scooter holds patent in more than 30 countries. Many more patents are pending that could be rolling out very soon. There are several benefits of ET Scooter; however, the best part is that it takes just 2 hours to get charged 100%. The design has been conceptualized by the expert team, taking innovation to the zenith. The invention allows users to travel 40km without charge. At top speed of 35-40km, depending on the country of travel, most people can hardly believe how the super stunning ET Scooter was even possible in the first place!

The most astonishing fact is that this latest mode of transportation balances all features and the weight quite easily. The premium quality of aluminum body and high quality parts ensures that the battery is guaranteed to last at least 900 full cycles. What’s more, this lightweight top product is also foldable. That’s right! The easy-to-fold design can easily hold a person weighing 160kgs at a practical speed of 35-45kmph. The smart design along with incredible features perfectly complements this futuristic product.

Whether to work, travel, or simply to ride, ET Scooter makes fuel-free travelling possible. Recently showcased in the DealerExpo 2014, the exclusive product grabbed many eye-balls. The great looking design and super-stylish finish gives ET Scooter an edge among other wheelers out there. Given the efficiency and superior performance, the exquisite valor of this invention truly makes it worth possessing! Imagine gliding past the street and reaching your destination in style. There will not be any vehicle as interesting as the ET Scooter to match up to its sleek design.

The company has been selling various kinds of outdoor sports equipment and is updated with the development and trends of fitness products internationally. The ET Scooter has been invented with the aim to deliver the best quality product to satisfy the consumer. There are many vehicles launched in the industry in recent times, but the ET Scooter with its stunning sleek design and unimaginably excellent performance looks stellar. The world’s most innovative design and superior features combined into one makes the exclusive item quite a draw!

Simply hop on the ET Scooter and explore the extensive benefits that the eco-friendly bike has to offer. High on performance and low maintenance is what really makes the product so desirable! Though there are many machines running on road, but nothing can even match up the design, lightweight, efficiency, and eco-friendly aspects of the ET Scooter.